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BC Bankruptcy Costs

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The cost of a BC bankruptcy is set, taking into consideration the income of the bankrupt and the family situation.

The Superintendent of Bankruptcy sets guidelines spelling out how much a person should pay to the bankruptcy estates and how long a person will be in bankruptcy.

This Bankruptcy Calculator will calculate the required payments for you.

Superintendent's Standards - 2016 / 2017- Total Monthly Surplus Income

(A minimum of approximately $200.00 a month for nine months is required to cover Bankruptcy Estate costs.)

Appendix A

Superintendent's Standards - 2016/17

Surplus Income 2016.

Example (Family unit of 2):

Bankrupt's available monthly income:


Other family unit member's available monthly income:


Family unit's available monthly income:


Minus the Superintendent's standard for a family unit of 2 as per Appendix A:


Total monthly surplus income


Bankrupt's portion of the family unit's monthly income
(2,800 ÷ 3,800 = 73.68 %)


Monthly Payment required from bankrupt, as per paragraph 7(2)(a) of the Directive [883.42) × 50 % = 441.71]


If your monthly payments are calculated to be less than $100.00 per month, and you are a first time bankrupt, you are eligible for a discharge in 9 months.Please note that you are responsible to pay a minimum of approximately $1,800.00 to the trustee over the term of your bankruptcy.