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If you are a resident of Squamish, or the Sunshine Coast and have to file a proposal or file for bankruptcy it will be necessary for you to come into North Vancouver or Vancouver. When we are discussing your financial options please remind us and we can work together to keep your trips to Greater Vancouver at a minimum.

These local insolvency trustees can provide you with a Free and No Risk consultation at their office or over the phone.

Greg Best: Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Smythe Insolvency Inc.
37897 – Second Avenue, Squamish, BC  V8B 0R2

Phone:604-757-0740, Toll-Free:1-888-224-3394

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700 - 355 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC. V6C 2G8

Phone:604-757-0740, Toll-Free:1-888-224-3394

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Greg Best, Trustee in BankruptcyGreg Best: Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Phone:604-757-0740, Toll-Free:1-888-224-3394

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If you are struggling with managing your finances it is important to realize that solutions are available to your financial difficulties. Assistance is available to you and Greg Best can help you determine the options that are available to you and will work together with you to help solve your problems. Greg understands that asking for help when struggling with debt and financial challenges is a difficult step so he offers confidential evaluation meetings that take place in a caring, friendly, non-judgemental and unique approach tailored made to helping each different individual solve their problems with money and debt.

If you speak to Greg early enough he can help you avoid bankruptcy in most cases.

Greg can provide assistance with debt counselling, personal proposals, and bankruptcy in the Squamish and Sunshine Coast area. Greg offers a free initial meeting that is confidential and risk free and will be able to offer you the best solution to your debt situation after learning your unique financial challenges.

Call me today to schedule your own personalized consultation so that we can work together to work out the solution to tackling your financial situation.

The initial consultation is free and it's confidential.

Shelley Koehli, Trustee in BankruptcyShelley Koehli, Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Phone:604-757-0729, Toll-Free:1-888-224-3394

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As a professional Charted Insolvency and Restructuring professional and bankruptcy trustee, Shelley Koehli has more than a decade and a half of experience with assisting people who are struggling with managing their finances in a successful manner.

She takes great pride in assisting people from all different backgrounds who are struggling with all different types of money problems. Shelley works hard with individuals to help them build a successful financial foundation. You can contact Shelley for a confidential evaluation so that together you can work with Shelley to examine your finances and learning the options that are available to you such as making a consumer proposal, financial counselling and declaring bankruptcy.

Shelley would like individuals to know that in most cases they can avoid going bankrupt by dealing with their money problems early enough. Shelley offers a free and confidential initial meeting and she would be pleased to speak with you to set up a personalized evaluation meeting to go over your debt and finances.

Shelley Koehli, Trustee in BankruptcyAnna Melo, Debt Counselor.

Phone:604-227-0009, Toll-Free:1-888-224-3394

Email Evaluation

Anna Melo has a decade of experience in providing individuals and business owners with corporate and consumer insolvency assistance so they can become debt free and learn how to manage their finances successfully into the future to make the most out of the fresh start you will receive by working with Anna and the Smythe Insolvency Inc. team.

Anna joined the team in July, 2012 and has the experience of working as a bankruptcy administrator, a personal proposal administrator and an insolvency counsellor.


Contact our team to schedule a free confidential evaluation today.

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305 221 Esplanade West, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3J3
Phone: 604-757-0740


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