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These local insolvency trustees can provide you with a Free and No Risk consultation at their office or over the phone.

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Bankruptcy or a proposal to creditors can provide shelter from the financial storm. It will stop most legal proceedings including garnishees, and phone calls from your creditors.
It provides a fresh start by pardoning your debts including credit card debts, lines of credit, legal bills, utility bills, medical bills, automobile insurance, judgments, government debts, etc.
At Sands & Associates, we make filing bankruptcy or a proposal to creditors simple. We will provide a free initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff to discuss your financial status, and help you to determine whether bankruptcy or a proposal to creditors is the right choice for you.
In certain circumstances, you may be qualified to file a proposal to your creditors and avoid filing bankruptcy.

Sands & Associates offers a Free Consultation
to discuss your financial situation.

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