Business Bankruptcy Predictor

This Business Bankruptcy Predictor, in extensive tests, has proven to have an accuracy rate of over 88% for small businesses (average asset size $2.5 million)and an accuracy rate of over 83% for very large businesses (average asset size $63.4 million).

A negative score predicts bankruptcy.

Enter the financial information in the space below to get a financial strength evaluation of your company.

The higher the score, the more financially sound is the company. The lower the score, the greater the danger of the company becoming insolvent.

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CAUTION!!! This technique should be considered as just another tool of the analyst. While it should greatly assist the analyst in identifying weak companies for further investigation, it is not intended to replace experienced and informed personal evaluation.

The formula used is the “Springate Formula” developed at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia. For more information on this formula and other insolvency prediction algorithms please refer to our web page on Insolvency Prediction.