Credit Repair British Columbia – Credit Score BC

Getting Credit after Bankruptcy or a Proposal or a Credit Counselling Debt Repayment Program.

One of the purposes of a BC Bankruptcy is to give an unfortunate but honest debtor a fresh financial start. Part of that fresh financial start is the ability to reestablish a good credit rating.

A diligent debtor will be able to establish a good credit rating in as little as two years after a bankruptcy discharge or the completion of a consumer proposal by following these steps:

Certificate of DischargeStep 1 – Get your Bankruptcy Discharge or the Certificate of Completion for your Consumer Proposal or Division I Proposal from your bankruptcy trustee. Once this has happened the credit bureaus will be notified of your bankruptcy or proposal discharge.

clip7Step 2 – Clean your credit report. Obtain a copy of your credit report and look over it. You can notify the credit bureau of any errors, and ask them to correct the errors.


clip9Step 3 – Get New Credit. Once your credit score is improved you can obtain new credit. You should use your new credit wisely to prove your credit worthiness. A secured credit card can easily be obtained and used to improve your credit and show your credit worthiness. It is also advisable get other credit such as a loan for an RRSP.

Apply for a secured credit card today and you can use the card to start to rebuild a payment history that will be reported to the credit bureaus.